ABout us

Welcome to Raw Replenish, the healthiest, cold-pressed juice and smoothie stop in The Valley! Stop by and experience our wide assortment of juices, cleanse bundles, and whole food smoothie bowls! Try our popular and filling crunchy peanut butter cup bowl, soup and salad, a comforting cup of hot, local coffee or local Kombucha.

We strive to source local and organic whenever possible.  There maybe times when either of these options are available to us or in quantities that we need so we want to be transparent by sharing this statement with our customers as we place a high value on honesty and the integrity of our products.  We thank you for your support!


Owner, Kate Coleman has always been passionate about health and fitness. Her educational and career background is in both health/exercise/nutrition and psychology. She loves helping others achieve their personal health goals and loves seeing people thrive. She became interested in juicing after having her second child and began experimenting with many different recipes with a juicer of her own and started researching juice cleansing. Kate fell in love with creating her own recipes and began creating her own juice cleanses. Juicing became a time where she would meditate, pray, listen to music and listen to encouraging and uplifting audio books and podcasts to pass the time it took to create juices for herself and for her family. In the winter of 2015, she felt inspired to share her juices with her community and became focused on turning this at home passion into a business. She felt confident that her juices could help her community with alternatives to medicine and help people decrease their risk for chronic disease. She whole-heartedly believes that “prevention is the best medicine” and living plant foods were intended by God to help and heal our bodies. She continued her research, earned a certificate as a Medicinal Juicing Instructor and pursued opening up a small licensed juice delivery service out of her home garage. Within a year she moved from her garage into commercial kitchen in Red Hill to focus on juice manufacturing and a year after that, she grew and moved her business to Main Street in Pennsburg and opened as a licensed juice, smoothie and plant based take-out food establishment.
If you haven’t tried Raw Replenish juices and smoothies, be sure to let Kate know you are new. She wants to meet and greet all of her customers. This value is very important to her. So stop in on your lunch break to enjoy a juice or a smoothie and introduce yourself!! We are confident we can help you find something on the menu you will love!!