Prepare For your Cleanse

How to prepare for your cleanse:

1). Try to focus on a plant based diet only. Eat more fruits and vegetables. No time? Make a smoothie!! Add fresh and frozen fruits and veggies to your blend, add some almond milk or water, blend. Steer clear of any animal products, this includes dairy and eggs too, this will help prepare your digestive system.

2). Wean off processed food. This includes any pre packaged convenience foods. Great rule of thumb to follow, if you read the label and you can’t pronounce some of the ingredients, steer clear. This will help your body adapt to not having excessive amounts of refined sugars.

3). Decrease or eliminate caffeine. Switch over to tea, if you need something hot in the morning. We want you to be comfortable during your cleanse. Having the jitters isn’t an ideal cleanse experience.