15-Bottle Bundle

$99.75 (5% savings)

24 hours required for all Cleanse and Juice Bundle orders.

Looking to supplement daily or a few times a week with a full spectrum, raw, living multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement?  Opt for a one of our Juice Bundles! 

How it works:  

Add the bundle to your cart and indicate in our special instructions how many bottles you wish to pick up.  Some customers prefer to pick up all 15 bottles at one time and freeze/thaw at home.  Other customers prefer one of our punch cards, which allows them to pick up however many they wish per visit, anytime.  We recommend you call in advance if you are picking up more than 3 bottles per visit, so you don’t have to wait for them and we can press your juices fresh for you.  

We welcome juice customizations, please call store to confirm customizations to make sure we have all requests in our inventory.  Juice customizations may incur a customization fee if we have to special order any ingredients.

Phone: (267)-923-5014